Character Information
Gender Female
Species White Tiger
Family Blake (husband)
Tiger Twins (daughters)
Age Unknown
Production Information
Wendie Malick

Victoria is the tertiary antagonist of Father of the Pride. She is Blake's wife and the Tiger Twins' mother.


Victoria is one of Siegfried and Roy's more "important" animals as she and Blake are sometimes seen with them in their living room.


Similar to Blake, Victoria is shallow, thin-skinned, arrogant, vain, and downright rude. However, she does show at least a little bit of neighborly conduct by inviting Larry and Kate over to her and Blake's house (although mostly just to show off the new stuff Siegfried and Roy had got them (such as a giant flat screen television, mud bath, etc.).

Victoria truly loves Blake, though their emotions are "rampant" as she and Blake have sex right in front of Larry and Kate during the party and have adult play ware and sex toys (which Larry just happened to have).


Victoria is a slim white tiger. She has blue eyes.



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