The Thanksgiving Episode
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date December 28, 2004
Behind the Scenes
Writer(s): David Goodman
Glasgow Phillips
John Puglisi
Episode Chronology
"And the Revolution Continues"
"One Man's Meat is Another Man's Girlfriend"

"The Thanksgiving Episode" is the 7th episode of Father of the Pride, directed by John Puglisi and written by David Goodman and Glasgow Phillips.


Kate wants to become PTA president, but when she accidentally says that all of the turkeys look alike, everyone thinks she is a racist. Larry decides to invite the turkeys over for dinner for their anti-Thanksgiving feast that they have. Sarmoti has no respect for the turkeys and when his grandfather's pocket watch goes missing, he immediately blames them. Meanwhile, Snack is caught sneaking around Siegfried and Roy's place with Vincent and Roy makes him his new pet. The dinner is going as planned until Victoria, who is running opposite Kate for PTA president, throws a big party. All of the turkeys leave their place and go to the party. Snack is enjoying being Roy's new pet, but when he finds a rabbit eating in the kitchen who says he is Roy's new pet, Snack gets upset and leaves, making Roy distraught. When election day arrives, Larry and Kate find out that a turkey actually did take Sarmoti's watch. Kate goes on with the election, but cannot take it anymore and tells everyone that Stan the turkey stole her father's watch. The turkeys are actually happy that Kate said something because Stan has been ripping people off for years; so everyone votes for Kate as president.

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Sierra: "What are you doing? You can't serve turkeys corn! That's an offensive stereotype! (mocks) "Oh, gobble gobble, we all love corn!""
Kate: "Sierra, please."
—Sierra mocking the turkeys




FotP - The Thanksgiving Episode Part 110:25

FotP - The Thanksgiving Episode Part 1

FotP - The Thanksgiving Episode Part 208:56

FotP - The Thanksgiving Episode Part 2


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