The Siegfried and Roy Fantasy Experience Movie
Season 1, Episode 14
Air date Un-aired (U.S.)
May 29, 2005 (U.K.)
Behind the Scenes
Writer(s): David Goodman
Glasgow Phillips
Bret Haaland
John Stevenson
Episode Chronology
"Stage Fright"
"The Lost Tale"

"The Siegfried and Roy Fantasy Experience Movie" is the 14th episode of Father of the Pride, directed by Bret Haaland and John Stevenson and written by David Goodman and Glasgow Phillips.


Siegfried and Roy declare a Code Red emergency as a bulb has gone out on one of their billboards. As the two give a toast in honor of their magic, they discover there are other magicians in Las Vegas known as Dante and Phil. Larry hosts a party with his male friends to watch a movie while Kate goes out. Siegfried and Roy make a plan to watch these new magicians and go undercover. Kate and Foo-Lin go out to a woman's group. Meanwhile, Larry has his own emergency when he cannot find the remote for the television. Siegfried and Roy re-invent themselves by making a movie and hire director Martin Scorsese. The next night, Kate re-visits the group in order to become more in contact with her hunting skills. Siegfried and Roy are filming their movie and fire Scorsese due to creative differences; Roy decides to direct the movie. Kate's class continues and she is learning more about being an individual. Siegfried begins to find fault with the new director and costumes. Upset, he leaves the set and Roy must find a new actor to play the role. Kate cannot spend time with Larry and laughs at him when he tells Kate that she cannot go (which is advice that Sarmoti gave him earlier). Later, Sarmoti reveals to Larry that he deliberately gave him bad advice since he hates him. Siegfried returns and auditions for the role of Siegfried in the movie as he and Roy settle their differences. Larry confronts the women's group and tells the women to give his wife back. However, Kate ensures Larry that she still loves him and always will, even though she is growing as a person.

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  • This episode wasn't aired on U.S. television.


Sierra: "Mom, Hunter's using your copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves to discover his body, himself."
Kate: "That's nice."
—Sierra reporting Hunter's personal activity to Kate, Father of the Pride
"Larry, I hate you. I'm not gonna give you good advice."
―Sarmoti to Larry[src]




FotP - Sigfried and Roy Fantasy Experience Movie Part 1

FotP - Sigfried and Roy Fantasy Experience Movie Part 1

FotP - Sigfried and Roy Fantasy Experience Movie Part 2

FotP - Sigfried and Roy Fantasy Experience Movie Part 2


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