The Lost Tale
Season 1, Episode 15
Air date Un-aired
Behind the Scenes
Writer(s): Jonathan Groff
John Holmquist
John Stevenson
Episode Chronology
"The Siegfried and Roy Fantasy Experience Movie"
(End of the Series)

"The Lost Tale" is the 15th and final episode of Father of the Pride, directed by John Holmquist and John Stevenson and written by Jonathan Groff.


Siegfried and Roy are having a sculpture made of them out of cheese. Siegfried and Roy are sad that they cannot remember if they had done the show or not, so they decide to change it. It is Hunter's 10th birthday party and Kate is displeased by Larry's efforts at planning the party. Larry buys the children rum cake. Jessica Simpson agrees to appear in Siegfried and Roy's show with her own film crew MTV, BET, and Shanghai Live. Siegfried and Roy decide to build a 100-foot-tall robot of Jessica Simpson and make it the center of their show. Sarmoti's date complains about paying the bill and she is confronted by the leader of Kate's women's group. Larry gives Hunter a special birthday gift. Jessica questions Siegfried and Roy's "secret" garden and they question keeping her in the act. Snack gets Larry a "dog", which he refuses as it is a rat. Siegfried and Roy confront a helicopter driver when he trespasses on their property. Hunter is practicing for when he gets a puppy; Larry returns home with Jessica Simpson's dog. Eventually, Jessica finds out that her dog is missing and blames the lions. Siegfried and Roy are discouraged after Jessica drops out of the show; however, they still have time to get her back. Larry tells Hunter that his dog is stolen and that it has to go back. Jessica allows the robot to be used.

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  • This episode was never broadcast on U.S. television nor animated. It appears on the Father of the Pride DVD as story-boarded with sound.


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FotP - Ep14 - The Lost Tale Part 108:42

FotP - Ep14 - The Lost Tale Part 1

FotP - Ep14 - The Lost Tale Part 209:53

FotP - Ep14 - The Lost Tale Part 2

FotP - Ep14 - The Lost Tale Part 306:03

FotP - Ep14 - The Lost Tale Part 3


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