Stage Fright
Season 1, Episode 13
Air date May 22, 2005 (U.K.)
May 27, 2005 (U.S.)
Behind the Scenes
Writer(s): Jonathan Groff
John Holmquist
John Stevenson
Episode Chronology
"The Siegfried and Roy Fantasy Experience Movie"

"Stage Fright" is the 13th episode of Father of the Pride, directed by John Holmquist and John Stevenson and written by Jonathan Groff.


When Larry gets stage fright during one of Siegfried and Roy's shows, they take him to see Kelsey Grammer, thinking he is a real therapist like his character on Frasier. When Roy ends up talking to Grammer about his childhood problems with his father instead, Grammer's cat secretly steps up to act as Larry's therapist. While talking to the cat, Larry describes the events of the original pilot and his thoughts about them, with relevant scenes from the pilot playing during these sequences (albeit slightly altered). In the end, the cat helps Larry to realize he does like being the star of the show and has only been getting stage fright because he feels bad about liking it since in becoming the lead, he took the part away from Sarmoti. The next time Siegfried and Roy do a show, Larry accepts his position and feelings about it and no longer has stage fright.

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  • This was the last episode broadcast on U.S. television. The reason is unknown.
  • When Larry tells his story to Kelsey Grammer's Cat, the episode replays scenes from the "Original Pilot" (though lots of scenes have been altered, as well as the dialogue).


Siegfried Fischbacher: "Did you pay ze electric bill?"
Roy Horn: "Ja, I think so."
Siegfried Fischbacher: "Because I got vone of those red notices in ze mail!"
Roy Horn: "Now is not a good time!"
Siegfried Fischbacher: "It's never a good time vith you!"
—Siegfried and Roy discussing their personal issues during their show, Father of the Pride
"Siegfried, Roy. Haven't heard from you since you sent me that odd Christmas gift."
―Kelsey Grammer[src]
Vincent: "You're dead, you rat bastard! Come here!"
Snack: ""Rat bastard?!" I'm a gopher! And my daddy married my mama!"
—Vincent fighting with Snack, Father of the Pride




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FotP - Ep12 - Stage Fright Part 1

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FotP - Ep12 - Stage Fright Part 2


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