Character Information
Gender Male
Species Gopher
Family Candy (ex-girlfriend)
Age Unknown
Production Information
Orlando Jones

Snack is a character in Father of the Pride. He is Larry's best friend and sidekick and Candy's ex-boyfriend.


Snack is Larry's longtime best friend and drinking buddy.


Snack is friendly, energetic, kind, caring, carefree, thoughtful, generous, mischievous, fun-loving, rowdy, cool, curious, but sometimes scatterbrained.

Despite his genuine kindness, Snack can be somewhat sneaky, sarcastic, moody, and smooth-talking. He can also be sensitive.

He also believes that humans can understand him, calling himself "The Human Whisperer," despite the fact that he was never called that (as pointed out by Larry). This is shown in the Original Pilot.


Snack is a brown gopher. He has green eyes and buckteeth.


  • Sometimes, Snack babysits Sierra and Hunter while the adults are out. However, there have been times when he would not even show up and just tell Larry that he did.
  • In "Stage Fright," Vincent angrily called Snack a "rat bastard". In response, Snack told him that he is a gopher and his parents are married.
  • In "The Thanksgiving Episode," Snack was briefly adopted by Roy until he was replaced by a rabbit.
  • Other than his parents being mentioned, not much of Snack's past is known.
  • Snack is able to use his bellybutton as a pocket. This is revealed in the pilot episode.


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