Character Information
Gender Male
Species Gopher
Family Candy (ex-girlfriend)
Age Unknown
Production Information
Orlando Jones

Snack is a character in Father of the Pride. He is Larry's best friend and sidekick and Candy's ex-boyfriend.


Snack is Larry's longtime best friend and drinking buddy.


Snack is friendly, energetic, kind, caring, carefree, generous, mischievous, fun-loving, rowdy, cool, curious, but sometimes scatterbrained.

Despite his genuine kindness, Snack can be somewhat sneaky, sarcastic, moody, and smooth-talking. He can also be sensitive.

He also believes that humans can understand him, calling himself "The Human Whisperer," despite the fact that he was never called that.


Snack is a brown gopher. He has green eyes and buckteeth.


  • Sometimes, Snack babysits Sierra and Hunter while the adults are out. However, there have been times when he would not even show up and just tell Larry that he did.
  • In "Stage Fright," Vincent angrily called Snack a "rat bastard". In response, Snack told him that he is a gopher and his parents are married.
  • In "The Thanksgiving Episode," Snack was briefly adopted by Roy until he was replaced by a rabbit.
  • Other than his parents being mentioned, not much of Snack's past is known.
  • Snack is able to use his bellybutton as a pocket. This is revealed in the pilot episode.


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