Season 1, Episode 12
Air date December 21, 2004
Behind the Scenes
Writer(s): Jon Ross
Mark Risley
Episode Chronology
"Road Trip"
"Stage Fright"

"Rehabilitation" is the 12th episode of Father of the Pride, directed by Mark Risley and written by Jon Ross.


After a show, Larry complains that he is not spending enough time with Kate and the family; Siegfried and Roy push Larry too hard and he injures himself during practice, so they take him to a vet. Larry confesses to Snack that he has been faking his injuries to escape work. Sarmoti eats some of Larry's painkillers and it changes his mood for the better. However, Snack eats the rest of the painkillers and Sarmoti's mood returns to bad. Immediately, Larry returns to the medical center and steals more of the medicated meatballs; however, Sarmoti discovers what Larry has been doing and fights with him in the medical center. Siegfried and Roy think that the two lions have problems with drugs, so they take them to a rehab center. In the center, Siegfried and Roy open a bottle of wine, which attracts the attention of recovering alcoholics. Larry and Sarmoti return home and Larry apologizes for what he said during their time in rehab and Sarmoti is finally able to forgive him.

Full StoryEdit

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"No work. What a pity."
"Looks like someone's a klutzy-wutzy."
Sarmoti to Larry[src]
"Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Redd Foxx!"
Snack high on the pills[src]
"What did I tell you about puns?!"
Roy yelling at Siegfried and kicking him out of their limousine[src]
"Show me where he touched you."
Alan to Snack[src]




FotP - Rehabilitation Part 110:05

FotP - Rehabilitation Part 1

FotP - Rehabilitation Part 209:24

FotP - Rehabilitation Part 2


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