Season 1, Episode 10
Air date October 12, 2004
Behind the Scenes
Writer(s): Ron Weiner
John Stevenson
Episode Chronology
"Road Trip"

"Possession" is the 10th episode of Father of the Pride, directed by John Stevenson and written by Ron Weiner.


Larry is against going to Blake and Victoria's party; however, Kate convinces him to go after she talks about the relationship. A depressed Hunter is in the bathtub listening to "suicidal" music (which is really Tori Amos). Larry and Kate arrive at the party, only to have the tigers brag about their home. Kate gets upset after Larry refuses to try new things. Sarmoti sees Hunter being picked on by an antelope named Anthony (who is the reason Hunter was listening to the music), so he teaches Hunter how to be a lion. Larry steals the tigers' television in order to surprise Kate, which pleases her after the tigers visit the house. At the wrestling match, Hunter and Anthony fight, with help from Sarmoti's training of Hunter. After defeating Anthony, Hunter becomes trance-like and begins to attack other animals. Blake and Victoria hold a neighborhood watch meeting and make Larry the head of the council. Larry and Kate continue to steal more items. Siegfried and Roy leave Larry and Kate a gift and the neighborhood watch team finds the television.

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Sierra: "Mom, Hunter's in the bathtub lip syncing Tori Amos again."
Kate: "Oh, he must be depressed."
Sierra: "He's really sensitive lately. What a tool."
—Sierra tattling on Hunter, Father of the Pride
Sarmoti: "Hunter? Hey, Hunter!"
Hunter: "Hey! Quit it!"
Anthony: "You gonna make me, snow cone? (Pushes Hunter and laughs)"
Tom: "Anthony! Kick that kid's ass and get home! I need you to be there in case I pass out when I'm smokin' a cigarette!"
Anthony: "We'll finish this tomorrow, dweeb!"
—Hunter getting bullied by Tom's son, Father of the Pride
"Since the time of the ancient lion, warriors have gathered around the sacred fire to bring new males into the pride!"
"Hey, girl! Try not to cry on your boobs!"
―Anthony to Hunter[src]
―Hunter's war cry[src]




FotP - Ep06 - Possession Part 1

FotP - Ep06 - Possession Part 1

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FotP - Ep06 - Possession Part 2


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