Original Pilot
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date Un-aired
Behind the Scenes
Writer(s): Jonathan Groff
John Stevenson
Episode Chronology
(Start of the Series)
"Sarmoti Moves In"

"Original Pilot" is the 1st episode of Father of the Pride, directed by John Stevenson and written by Jonathan Groff.


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  • This episode was not aired on U.S. television.


"Come on, Dad! He can take care of himself! Besides, his rash grosses me out!"
―Sierra to Larry
"You'll never catch me, General Zinulax!"
Larry: "Goodbye, sweetie."
Kate: "Goodbye."
Larry: "I was talkin' to the couch."
—Larry going to visit Sarmoti, Father of the Pride
Larry: "(Whispering) Sarmoti. (Normal voice) Sarmoti? (Goes over to a sleeping Sarmoti and touches him, startling him awake; he freaks out and holds out his cane as a weapon)'"
Sarmoti: "Who is that? Who is that?!"
Larry: "Larry."
Sarmoti: "(Confused) Larry?"
Larry: "Yeah."
Sarmoti: "(Swings his cane at Larry, who backs away; Sarmoti then realizes it is Larry and sighs in relief) I thought you were some kinda whacked-out hippie gonna murder me!"
Larry: "(Laughs) No, not me."
Sarmoti: "No, no. Not you. You have a different approach: (Pokes Larry with his cane) You married my daughter. And killing me slowly!"
Larry: "(Laughs and points at Sarmoti) Good one."
—Larry visiting Sarmoti, Father of the Pride




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