Original Pilot
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date Un-aired
Behind the Scenes
Writer(s): Jonathan Groff
John Stevenson
Episode Chronology
(Start of the Series)
"Sarmoti Moves In"

"Original Pilot" is the 1st episode of Father of the Pride, directed by John Stevenson and written by Jonathan Groff.


When Sarmoti accidentally makes a mistake on the show while trying to improve his act and making him lose his position as the lead lion, Siegfried and Roy decide it is time for Sarmoti to retire and search for a replacement. Larry and Kate do not know how to tell Sarmoti he has been replaced. Larry asks Snack to help him and the two visit Roy to convince him to keep Sarmoti in the show as the star. However, things go wrong when Snack makes a mistake and Larry saves Roy, but becomes the lead lion in the process. Later, after Larry finally tells Sarmoti he got fired, he takes it well; but the two soon start fighting with each other when Larry offers to take Sarmoti home. Siegfried and Roy decide to move him in with Larry and Kate as they mistake Larry and Sarmoti's fighting for love, much to their dismay.

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  • This episode was not aired on U.S. television.


Roger: "Larry? Lar?"
Larry: "Hey, Roger."
Roger: "(Takes out plates spinning on sticks and sings a circus theme)"
Larry: "I-- I love it, Roger, but they don't have orangutans in the show."
Roger: "Then I guess I should never try anything! (Smashes plates in a rage and runs off)"
Larry: "(Sighs and rolls his eyes, shaking his head)"
—Roger showing his trick to Larry, Father of the Pride
Larry: "Whoa, Vincent. What's goin' on?"
Vincent: "I'll tell you what's goin' on! Snack here was supposed to score me 5 pounds of shrimp!"
Snack: "I had a little problem with my distributor!"
Vincent: "Little problem?! All I got was cherry tomatoes! What, you think you can jerk me around, pal, just 'cause I'm pink? Let's all have a big laugh! Pink guys eatin' itty, bitty tomatoes!"
Larry: "Vincent, cool it. This isn't about color, so don't play the pink card."
Vincent: "(Laughs) You owe me, gopher. 'Til then, you's both is on my list. Capiche? (Lunges at Snack, then laughs and walks away)"
—Vincent arguing with Snack, Father of the Pride
Snack: "Hey! Check out my bellybutton! I'm usin' it as a pocket! (Takes out a shrimp from his belly button) Shrimp?"
Larry: "Ugh. Not now, Snack. It's nap time."
Snack: "(Snaps fingers) Good idea. Stay beautiful, big man!"
—Snack showing Larry that he uses his bellybutton as a pocket, Father of the Pride
"Come on, Dad! He can take care of himself! Besides, his rash grosses me out!"
―Sierra to Larry about Hunter[src]
"You'll never catch me, General Zinulax!"
Larry: "Goodbye, sweetie."
Kate: "Goodbye."
Larry: "I was talkin' to the couch."
—Larry going to visit Sarmoti, Father of the Pride
Larry: "(Whispering) Sarmoti. (Normal voice) Sarmoti? (Goes over to a sleeping Sarmoti and touches him, startling him awake; he freaks out and holds out his cane as a weapon)"
Sarmoti: "Who is that? Who is that?!"
Larry: "Larry."
Sarmoti: "(Confused) Larry?"
Larry: "Yeah."
Sarmoti: "(Swings his cane at Larry, who backs away; Sarmoti then realizes it is Larry and sighs in relief) I thought you were some kinda whacked-out hippie gonna murder me!"
Larry: "(Laughs) No, not me."
Sarmoti: "No, no. Not you. You have a different approach: (Pokes Larry with his cane) You married my daughter. And killing me slowly!"
Larry: "(Laughs and points at Sarmoti) Good one."
—Larry visiting Sarmoti, Father of the Pride
Snack: "So, what's goin' on?"
Larry: "Kate's mad at me."
Snack: "I heard. Look, here's the problem: You were right about Sarmoti, but you picked the wrong time to be right."
Larry: "But I am right."
Snack: "It doesn't matter. Your play in this situation, Larry, is to set aside your feelings for her dad and just be there for her. She needs you, man."
Larry: "And since when do you know so much about women?"
Snack: "Well, Larry, I find that if you really listen to women, you can pick up on important clues that allow you to be truly sensitive to their emotional needs."
Chimi: "Snack, honey, are you gonna be done soon?"
Snack: "Woman, can't you see I'm talkin'?"
Chimi: "Ohh..."
—Larry and Snack discussing women, Father of the Pride




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