Larry's Debut and Sweet Darryl Hannah Too
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date September 7, 2004
Behind the Scenes
Writer(s): Robert Cohen
Bret Haaland
Episode Chronology
"What's Black and White and Depressed All Over?"
"And the Revolution Continues"

"Larry's Debut and Sweet Darryl Hannah Too" is the 5th episode of Father of the Pride, directed by Bret Haaland and written by Ron Weiner.


Larry is looking forward for his debut on the show, but when he finds out he will be performing on live television, he gets nervous. Sarmoti tries to help him out because ever since he made a mistake on television, Siegfried and Roy have used Blake on their television spots. Unfortunately, Larry fails to perform the trick Siegfried and Roy have prepared. So Siegfried and Roy decide to use Blake instead. Meanwhile, Sarmoti continues to watch his mistake on the tape he has. However, he notices that Blake tripped him. He then investigates and finds out that Blake foiled Larry's attempt earlier. Larry and Sarmoti begin to plan their revenge on Blake and succeed.

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"Damn you, Carl!"
Larry: "Holy cow! Who's that?"
Sarmoti: "Blake as a baby. Later in the show, he gets felt up by Elton John."
—Larry and Sarmoti watching a video tape of the Today Show, Father of the Pride
Roy Horn: "Ahh. That flight from New York always wears me out."
Siegfried Fischbacher: "Vell, at least we are away from that horrible Matt Lauer."
Roy Horn: "(Sighs) Vhat is it with you and Matt Lauer?"
Siegfried Fischbacher: "Arh! He's always interrupting Katie! 7 years ago, she was interviewing 3-time Vimbledon champion Boris Becker! (As Roy mimics him in the background) He had just defeated Stefan Edberg at the Globenspitten in Blockshsterstein und Matt Lauer cut her off! Vhere in ze vorld is Matt Lauer, I vish someday, they would not find him!"
Roy Horn: "Siegfried, this silliness is all in your head! Matt Lauer has always been good to us! I am warning you, don't be an ass of jacks!"
Siegfried Fischbacher: "If it is boon picking season, allow me to get a floppy hat und a hoe. Vhy did you promise Her Lauer that our trick vould be zhe greatest thing humans have ever known? I know of no such trick!"
Roy Horn: "I vas of the moment! Now leave me alone or I will put you in a box, zhrow it on a conveyor belt, and send it into ten rolling zawblades!"
Siegfried Fischbacher: "Sveet Darryl Hannah! That is our new trick! Ve have done it again!"
Roy Horn: "(Gasps in realization) Even vhen we fight, ve make magic!"
—Siegfried and Roy arguing about Matt Lauer, Father of the Pride
Snack: "(Drinking at the Watering Hole and drunkenly slurring words) Hey! None of that talk. You're still the best. Remember, I'm always here for you, Lar. Now come on, give me a smile. (Strokes Larry's chin) Coochie coochie-- (Vomits in Larry's lap)"
Larry: "Dude, uncool."
—Snack drunkenly trying to cheer up Larry, Father of the Pride
Roy Horn: "Siegfried, vhat are you hiding behind your back?"
Siegfried Fischbacher: "It is a little gift for Matt Lauer. Tickets to our Saturday morning performance. (Laughs)"
Roy Horn: "But there's no show on Saturday mornings."
Siegfried Fischbacher: "I know. Und it is one morning to sleep in. (Laughs) Delicious."
Roy Horn: "Siegfried, I am not letting you give fake tickets to Matt Lauer!"
Siegfried Fischbacher: "(Slaps Roy's hand) I do vhat I vant. You are not zhe Kaiser of China!"
Roy Horn: "Ohh... I am having it up to here vith your buzz smudging the good name of Matt Lauer!"
—Siegfried and Roy fighting, Father of the Pride
Roy Horn: "In a vorld be­fore time, vhere chaos bat­tle con­fu­sion. Ten saws fought one crate in an eter­nal var. In an eter­nal var and the great Egypt­ian queen Nefertiti decreed--"
Siegfried Fischbacher: "Roy! Did you just say titi?"
Roy Horn: "Yeah, I did. (Siegfried brings out the Swear Jar and Roy puts a quarter in it)"
Siegfried Fischbacher: "Carry on."
—Siegfried making Roy put a quarter in the Swear Jar during the show, Father of the Pride




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FotP - Larry's Debut and Sweet Darryl Hannah Too Part 2


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