Character Information
Gender Female
Species White Lion
Family Larry (husband)
Sierra (daughter)
Hunter (son)
Sarmoti (father)
Age Unknown
Production Information
Cheryl Hines

Kate is the deuteragonist of Father of the Pride. She is Larry's wife, Sierra and Hunter's mother, and Sarmoti's daughter.


Kate is Larry's wife who is sweet, but also rather stern and makes the rules. She can sometimes be independent and level-headed.


Kate is a very kind, thoughtful, sweet, nice, considerate, understanding, and caring mother who deeply loves her family. She dislikes the tension between Larry and Sarmoti, who frequently bicker and pick at each other. She is also the one person who keeps the family together, especially when two people (such as Larry and Sarmoti) are fighting.

Kate has a motherly nature as she frequently scolds Sierra and hardly yells at Hunter.

She is unafraid to speak her mind and is very independent and accountable. Kate is quite level-headed, unlike her husband.


Kate is a slender white lioness. She has blue eyes.


  • In "Rehabilitation," it is revealed by Sarmoti that Kate's middle name is Pol Pot. This caused great shock to Larry.
  • Not much is known about her past.


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