Character Information
Gender Male
Species Donkey
Family Unknown
Age Unknown
Production Information
Mark Moseley

Jermece is a character in Father of the Pride. He is Donkey's stunt double who only appeared in "Donkey."


Jermece is Donkey's stunt double and is usually required to do all the dangerous stunts for him, even though they endanger and injure him.


At first, Jermece was more than willing to take Donkey's place and get the fame and adoration he wanted. Sadly though, no one fell for it and saw right through his disguise.

When Donkey came to get him, he was forced to be in a dangerous stunt commercial against his will. He then got injured, but Donkey did not care at all.


Jermece looks exactly like Donkey, the only difference being his voice.


  • Once, Jermece's voice actor was rumored to be Andy Dick. This was not true as Mark Moseley voiced Jermece.


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