Catnip and Trust
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date September 14, 2004
Behind the Scenes
Writer(s): Robert Cohen
John Holmquist
Episode Chronology
"Sarmoti Moves In"
"What's Black and White and Depressed All Over?"

"Catnip and Trust" is the 3rd episode of Father of the Pride, directed by John Holmquist and written by Robert Cohen.


Larry and Kate are concerned about Sierra's education and want to get her into a private school. One day, they find catnip in Sierra's bedroom and later confront her about it; Sierra rejects that it is hers. However, Larry and Kate do not believe her. In spite of this, she sneaks out of the house and goes to the rave. After questioning Hunter about Sierra's whereabouts, Larry and Kate try to find her and go to the rave, where they eat some "catnip" sausages. Returning home, they soon feel the effects of the catnip. An interviewer from the private school named Edna Falvey comes to the house. Afterwards, it is revealed that the catnip belongs to Sarmoti and Larry and Kate reestablish their trust in Sierra and she announces that a guy named Dean (whom she had been seeing since she snuck out) is taking her camping, but each will have their own sleeping bags and he is bringing his children.

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Kate: "I love that program for Sierra. Those kids seemed really neat."
Larry: "Uh-huh. What's wrong with you?"
Kate: "Larry, this is a great opportunity for her."
—Larry and Kate discussing the school program
Sierra: "Well, congratulations! I didn't take drugs before, but now, maybe I will!'"
Larry: "You're grounded!"
Sierra: "You are the worst parents EVER!"
Larry: "We are not! My parents were!"
—Larry and Sierra arguing
Larry: "Hunter, I'm not gonna ask you again. Where's Sierra?"
Hunter: "I don't know where she went!"
Kate: "Come on, honey, where did your sister go?"
Hunter: "Um... Düsseldorf! The powerhouse of industrial Germany!"
—Larry and Kate asking Hunter about Sierra's whereabouts
Henry Davis: "Congratulations! (puts a necklace of catnip sausages around Kate's neck) I crown you "Miss Most Likely to Make Out with Me!""
Kate: "Henry Davis? I'm in a book club with your mother."
Henry Davis: "Oh! (backs away in a robot-like fashion) Abort! Abort! Abort! Abort! Abort!"
—Henry Davis trying to flirt with Kate
"Hey! I know you! (singing) Copper kettle! Co-opper kettle! Co-PPER KETTLE!"
―Larry singing to Edna Falvey while on catnip[src]




FotP - Catnip and Trust Part 1 - English10:16

FotP - Catnip and Trust Part 1 - English

FotP - Catnip and Trust Part 2 - English09:56

FotP - Catnip and Trust Part 2 - English


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