Blake the Tiger
Character Information
Gender Male
Species White Tiger
Family Victoria (wife)
Age Unknown
Production Information
John O'Hurley

Blake is the secondary antagonist of Father of the Pride. He is Larry's arch-rival, Victoria's husband, and the Tiger Twins' father.


Blake is the lions' longtime rival who always tries to usurp them.


Blake is highly pretentious, overconfident, and arrogant. He can also be sarcastic, insulting, and persuasive. He believes himself to be the star and refers to himself as a "whore for applause".

Blake likes to mock and annoy Larry every chance he gets.

Ever since his cubhood, Blake has always been a spoiled jerk. This is evidenced by the fact that he was the one who messed up a younger adult Sarmoti's performance by tripping him off the ball.


Blake is a slim white tiger. He has blue eyes.


  • Blake is sometimes thought to be the series' main and tertiary antagonist. This is not true as Sarmoti drives the plot for most episodes. However, his actions can be a bit more dislikeable, such as when he deliberately messed up Sarmoti's act as a cub.


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