And the Revolution Continues
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date September 28, 2004
Behind the Scenes
Writer(s): Vanessa McCarthy
Mark Baldo
Mark Risley
Episode Chronology
"Larry's Debut and Sweet Darryl Hannah Too"
"The Thanksgiving Episode"

"And the Revolution Continues" is the 6th episode of Father of the Pride, directed by Mark Baldo and Mark Risley and written by Vanessa McCarthy.


Larry, Kate, and Sierra go with Siegfried and Roy to a fancy restaurant. There, Sierra meets a lobster named Emerson who is political and an environmentalist like her. Larry takes Emerson and brings him home in order to make Sierra like him again and they start making protest signs and whatnot. Meanwhile, Siegfried and Roy are looking forward to the arrival of Barbra Streisand. Emerson starts a rally and one night, the chanting they are making in the house wakes Larry up. He is fed up and decides to throw Emerson out. Meanwhile, Kate is making Sarmoti hang out with Hunter, but he doesn't really want to. When his girlfriend Tracy is about to leave him, he makes up a lie that he takes care of Hunter ever since Hunter's parents ran off. Larry throws Emerson in the Mirage aquarium, but when Barbra Streisand sees him in there, she demands to have him for dinner. Later, Larry and Snack make a plan to save Emerson as Siegfried and Roy are bringing Larry to meet Barbra. He saves Emerson after a brief fight with Barbra and they quickly leave. On their way home, when Emerson will not thank Larry and stills labels him as the enemy, Sierra realizes how arrogant and selfish he really is and throws him down a drain in anger. The next morning, Sarmoti is forced to be Gandalf during one of Hunter's Lord of the Rings play scenes.

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Hunter: "I like elves."
Sarmoti: "...Of course you do."
—Hunter showing Sarmoti one of his elf action figures, Father of the Pride
Sierra: "Oh, my God. Emerson's right. The FDA is in the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry. I have to go back and save him."
Kate: "Honey, you cannot have another pet. It'd be just like that Cocker Spaniel where I got stuck walking him and cleaning up after him."
Larry: "He was tasty though!"
Sierra: "(suspiciously) I thought you sent him to a farm."
Larry: "(awkwardly) Yeah I did."
Sierra: "(sighs and rolls her eyes) Anyway, Dad, you met him. He's brilliant. Don't you think he deserves a better life?"
Larry: "Are we still talking about that little red fellow?"
Sierra: "(sighs) You never understand things that are important to me. (walks off)"
Larry: "Hey Kate, you go on ahead. I'll meet you at home."
Kate: "Right. Why?"
Larry: "I'm takin' up power walking. I think it looks cool."
—Sierra talking to Larry and Kate about Emerson, Father of the Pride
Larry: "(Sing-song voice) Sierra."
Sierra: "(Waking up) Huh?"
Larry: "(Normal voice) Honey. I have a surprise for you. (Brings out Emerson)"
Sierra: "Oh my God! Emerson! Dad, thank you! (She and Larry hug each other)"
—Larry bringing Emerson over to his house as a surprise for Sierra, Father of the Pride
Sierra: "We've covered arctic trilling, medicare cloning, and there's still so many issues left to go."
Emerson: "So let's keep those poster boards comin'! Come on, come on!"
Sierra: "Uh-oh. We're done with the last one."
Emerson: "No problem. Uh, show me Uncle Sam, a bag of cocaine, and a cryin' Indian floatin' in a whale!"
—Sierra and Emerson making protest signs, Father of the Pride
"Castro, you bastard!"
Dick Cheney cursing Castro when an outage occurs[src]
Emerson: "Sierra, don't forget: He is still the enemy!"
Sierra: "No he's not! He's my dad! And I like him! You know who I don't like? YOU!"
—Sierra realizing Emerson's true nature, Father of the Pride




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